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Going carpet shopping? Here are some tips on how to tell if the carpet you're looking at is a good carpet.

1. Guarantee or Warranty

Find out if the carpet has a guarantee or warranty, and what it covers (just carpet, or also installation?).

Also, find out what might void the warranty (for instance, cleaning it a certain way) and what is not covered.

2. Price = Quality

Look out for “good deals.” Remember, you get what you pay for.

3. Performance

Is the area you’re going to cover a high-traffic area?

Think about the wear and dirt that the carpet will have to endure. A basic pile or low loop performs well in high traffic areas.

In contrast, level loop carpet (think: Berber) hides dirt easier. High pile carpet is not good for high traffic areas. The taller the pile, the more sound absorbing capabilities it will have.

Consider performance when you consider what type carpet you want.

4. Set the Mood

The color and texture of a carpet can affect the mood of the room and the room will affect the look of the carpet.

Lustrous carpet fiber makes a room look brighter and lighter, but it shows footprints and vacuum marks.

You may want to take carpet samples home and place them in the room where they would be laid in order to capture the correct lighting and effects that the carpet may display.

5. Twists = Good

Individual yarn pieces in the carpet twist.

Many twists mean that the carpet is good, because twists determine the performance and density of the carpet.

Remember: pile HEIGHT is not related to performance, but pile DENSITY is a determinant of performance.

6. Get a Professional Install

A dealer will have their own crew or will be able to recommend a good installer.

7. Shop Around

Shop around for carpets and underpads. Look at the selection and consider the possibilities of which carpet is right for you.

Don’t skimp on the underpad. Quality underpads are very important to the life of the carpet on top of it.

8. Stain Protection

This is self-explanatory, yet it’s an important element to look for, along with soil protection and static guard.

9. Trustworthy Dealer

An ideal carpet dealer will be trustworthy and customer service-oriented. They will have a large selection and stand behind their product.

Basically, you should be treated well and not settle for less than what you ask for.

Let us help you with your carpet choices!

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