Caring for Hardwood

Be careful when caring for hardwood floors.

The first thing you should worry about is water. If you use a water-based cleaner, make sure you remove all water from the floor after cleaning. Make sure you don’t leave water or any other water-based solution to dry on the floor. Water will cause hardwood to swell up and ruin the floor. Make sure you check that a treatment is compatible with your floor before using it.

Sweeping and vacuuming are permitted, but use a broom that doesn’t scratch floors. Vacuuming is recommended on a frequent basis, since only a vacuum can pick up dirt and dust stuck in the cracks of the floor.

Protect your floor with rugs and drapes. Rugs will protect against spills and drapes will protect against damage from too much exposure to sunlight.

NEVER use a mop, a vacuum cleaner with beater bars, or hard brushes on your hardwood floor.

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